Project Management

We provide unrivalled project management services that perpetuate world class standards, while ensuring project efficiency and focus on deliveries. We offer a full range of professional project management services including; feasibility studies, program development and program management, cost management, project planning & control. we have a diverse overlapping skill set, and the ability to efficiently mobilize project resources.

Outsourcing Partner

We provide strategic business solutions to support unique business goals & deliver results.

We service companies of all sizes who are looking for low-cost outsourcing alternatives so they can focus on growing the business.

We offer strategic solution options including: Talent acquisition, Temp Staffing, Management Consulting, Policy & Procedure development, GDPR compliance support Training & Coaching, Project Management and PMO Set up.

Training Provider

We deliver training and competency solutions, for Business analyst, Data analyst, project planning & controls,  non-finance managers, GDPR practitioners and Project Managers. Our courses are delivered through training, on-the-job directly and digitally through an award-winning eLearning platform. Let us help you build more efficient, safe and competent workforces, that meet requirements for effective operations.

Data Privacy – GDPR

We are expert and experienced data protection and business professionals. We provide industry leading, GDPR  (The EU General Data Protection and Privacy Regulation 2018) related, Privacy and Compliance solutions to SMEs, Professionals and Enterprises in a cost-effective manner. Our Services include;  Remediation  (bringing you up to compliance), Advice on Compliance, DPIAs.

Is your business or organisation Compliant or  GDPR ready?

A few of our clients